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Monday, September 13, 2010

NHLPA/Don Fehr Update

On Saturday, the NHLPA executive committee voted to accept the recommendation of the executive director search committee, meaning that Don Fehr is one step closer to becoming the executive director of the NHLPA. The next step is to submit Fehr’s nomination to the entire bargaining unit for a vote. The NHLPA is expecting to have the final vote tally by the end of October.

While this certainly is an important step, and it is widely expected that Fehr will have the necessary vote total to assume the executive director position, the “nay” vote total will also be significant. As I discussed in my prior post, cohesion within the bargaining unit is critical to the effectiveness of Fehr and ultimately, the success of the NHLPA. I am hopeful that the players’ vote will result in a mandate for Fehr. With such a mandate, he will be far more effective in his efforts to rebuild the NHLPA.

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